About Us

Vijay’s Institute is one of the most revolutionary educational institute in the central suburbs of Mumbai. Here we do not teach our students; we make them learn while having fun. We do not conduct tests for rivalry but for enjoyment of learning. Here we do not aim to complete the curriculum but to complete the skill set of the student. If you wish to really learn, improve and succeed in life, then Vijay’s is the place for you.

When Vijay’s Institute was established in the year 1991, the coaching culture was such that there was a monotonous way of teaching and the students needed to grasp and appear for exams. What we discovered was that broadcasting information did not make the learning process interesting for the students; because of which their attention span diminished. We realized that this was the time to bring innovation into our education. This was the time to transform the way coaching classes operated. We brought a lot of novelty in teaching methods to make learning how it is supposed to be – relevant and interesting. We decided to teach the students how to enjoy and acquire knowledge instead of mugging the topics.

Over the last 29 years, a lot of things have changed, but the things that remained unchanged are our passion for teaching and the urge to make learning more and more amusing for our students.

Each member of Vijay’s Institute family strives to provide the best quality education to all of our students by creating a healthy environment to bring out the best in him/her. The one common reference that will echo across all our alumni is that they ‘thoroughly enjoyed’ their tutoring.

 “At Vijay’s Institute, we make learning a joyful process.”

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