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Innovative Educator of Mumbai

We introduce to you the most revolutionary educational institute in the central suburbs of Mumbai, Vijay’s Institute. Founded by Mr. Vijay Thariani in 1991, it has now grown leaps and bounds and its value and teachings have left an imprint on the lives of thousands of students.

Our Team of Directors

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Sachin Thariani

A guiding force for the students, an all-rounder at the subjects, and a master planner. He is known for teaching subjects innovatively and making students understand the toughest of the concepts with ease. He makes sure that students aim big right from the start and guides them to achieve their goals.

Pravin Thariani

A perfectionist by nature and a passion at his heart, he makes sure that the students bring in the same kind of perfection in their studies. Being a hard core academician as well as a fitness guru, he not only inspires the students to ace in their studies but also to create a balance in their life.

Avin Thariani

A subject expert and a popular teacher among students, has a knack of simplifying complex topics and strengthening the foundation for them. With a hunger for teaching and a techie by hobby, he has been extremely instrumental in launching the Virtual Classes at Vijay’s Institute.


What We Offer

State Board

Vijay’s dominates in the State Board section in the Central Mumbai Zone with awesome results, year on year and top rankers from every school in the locality.


Vijay’s Institute has established a strong base in ICSE by introducing innovation in education in this section as well. The student scores reflect the superiority of Vijay’s ICSE.


Vijay’s Commerce has not only established the most elite standards of teaching commerce, but also has developed a successful career program for students.


Vijay’s Institute in association with Pioneers Group Tuitions make an amazing team, with marvellous results and a rich alumni base, over the years.


Every day we strive to make things better for our students by bringing in innovation in our teaching. We sing, we dance, we enact, we express, and we always make sure that our students dominate in their studies. Our students are more than excited to attend the lectures, and studying with us all day. It’s all about having fun while you learn. No wonder it’s very commonly seen that the second generation of our alumni are also Vijayites.


Pillars of our success

Innovative Education

We make sure that students understand the most difficult concepts with complete ease by bringing in an innovation in education

Outstanding Results

We have an impressive and dominating track record of producing exemplary results & school toppers year on year.


No matter what the situation, we adapt, we improvise and we make sure our students’ studies are never compromised.

Rigorous Test Series

We prepare our students by making them practice, practice and practice, and reward them consistently for their top performances.

Personalized Teaching

We work on the weaknesses of our students and help them capitalize on their strengths, by a personalized way of teaching.

All Round Development

We conduct multiple seminars and workshops to groom the students, such that their all-round development is focused upon.

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Did you enquire with Vijay's Institute?

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From our clients

Vijay’s approach of simplifying things before teaching them really helped me excel in my field. They always insisted that at the root, any problem can be disintegrated to the simplest form, and that is something that changed my whole outlook towards my work and career. As a successful computer engineer, I am more solution oriented and the ability to eliminate problems from the root is something Vijay’s cultivated in me at a crucial moment in my life. It’s been an upward journey ever since.

Mr. Rohan Jethwani, Software Consultant, Capgemini

I remember, Vijay’s always had a different approach to competition – they made us competitive but also cultivated the values of co-operation and team building in us. I account my success to them, as today; I am a successful entrepreneur owing to these values. I have a competitive edge, as Vijay’s set me on the right course of education SSC onwards. But, the important of team building and co-operation has made me excel even more and take the business leaps and bounds.

Mr. Jaydeep Nagrecha, Managing Director, Calton Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay’s Institute – a place where a student is groomed to go out in the world and achieve her goals in life. This is how Vijay’s Institute has been for me. Studying was always fun at Vijay’s Institute. Teachers taught lessons in form of songs, games and through competitions. I was always at ease for my school exams as the teachers used to take efforts to revise the entire portion for me a day before our school exams. Other than our curriculums, faculty here also taught me essential qualities of being confident, being competitive, being analytical in life. They have always motivated me to aim high, work towards it and to achieve it. These lessons have played a vital role for me for setting my career goals and achieving it. The time spent at Vijay’s Institute has always been amazing for me and I will always cherish it as one of my sweet memories of life.

CA Niyati Mehta, Chartered Accountant, Niyati Mehta and Associates


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Vijay's Institute

Sion: • 8/3, Sindhi Colony, Sion (W), Mumbai 400022 • Call: +91 98204 29299

King’s Circle: • 18 & 22, Mohan Niwas, Above Natural Icecream, King’s Circle, Mumbai 400019. | Call: +91 98200 68874

Dadar: • 136, 1st Floor & 203, 2nd Floor, Hind Rajasthan Bldg., Dadasaheb Phalke Road, Near Kailash Lassi, Dadar (E), Mumbai 400014. • Call: +91 98201 07672

Our Locations

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Sion: • 8/3, Sindhi Colony, Sion (W), Mumbai 400022 • 24092250 / 2409 9990

King’s Circle (Branch 1): • 12, 13, 14, 16, 22, 25 Maneklal Mansion, King’s Circle, Mumbai 400019. • 24029090 King’s Circle (Branch 2): • 18 & 23, Mohan Niwas, Above Natural Icecream, King’s Circle, Mumbai 400019.

Dadar: • 136, 1st Floor & 203, 2nd Floor, Hind Rajasthan Bldg., Dadasaheb Phalke Road, Near Kailash Lassi, Dadar (E), Mumbai 400014. • 24172369

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